Women’s Institute

Bunbury W.I. meets at 7.30pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month in the Playing Fields Pavilion with a talk or demonstration, some brief WI business and refreshments prepared by Members.

Bunbury WI is part of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI). There are 6,500 WIs nationally grouped together to form 70 county and island federations, each with a regional office.

Bunbury WI is in the Cheshire Federation of Women’s Institutes (CFWI). The Headquarters are at 11 White Friars, Chester, an interesting building in the city centre – please browse the website at www.cheshirewi.org.uk. for further information. Bunbury WI belongs to Forest Group, which has twice yearly meetings for all its members to socialise and enjoy excellent speakers, a carol concert and even a darts evening. The WI also has its own residential college near Oxford where members can enjoy a wide variety of courses in lovely surroundings.

Apart from our monthly meetings we have regular outings and also have smaller groups for reading, keep-fit, quizzing, luncheons, and crafts.

Our monthly speakers for 2018 are:

15th July Pat Blackwood ‘My Secret History’

9th August Angela Bartlett from Sensoria ‘Beauty through the Ages’

13th Sept Jean Hopkins ‘Flower Arranging’

11 October Sue Leicester ‘ Memories’

8th Nov AGM Lynn Hand ‘Denman College’

13th Dec Hazel Griffiths ‘Motion of the Ocean’


The WI is a great way to meet like-minded women and make new friends. Visitors are welcome to join us. Just turn up – there is no charge for the first two visits. If you would like any more information please contact Trish Welch on 01829 260412.


In 2017 we had some very interesting and entertaining talks by various speakers including a visit from Waitrose which took us on a cheese and wine tasting journey.  And not only that, as we had to vacate our usual meeting place due to the Voting for the General Election we were forced to hold the meeting in the beautiful setting of Bunbury Mill.


Our outings included visits to the Odeon Cinema in Crewe to enjoy live screed theatre performances, a night at the new Storyhouse complex in Chester, a visit to the Garden Open Day at Haughton Hall and an enjoyable day at the Emma Bridgewater Factory.  Some members even had an overnight visit to London.

Back in Bunbury we were delighted to be invited to partake in Village Day in June and we also had a Crown Bowls Tuition day with Afternoon Tea in Bunbury Playing Fields Pavilion.  And as well as our usual groups a Scrabble Group was started this year and our Craft  skills were challenged when we learnt a new skill of painting on crockery with our completed projects fired and displayed at our WI Produce Show in September.