Highways & parking

Bunbury is part of Cheshire East Council, visit their website here where you can report any problems related to roads, pavements and street lighting. You can also report issues to the Parish Council or your local councillor, contact them here.

As we are close to the border with Chester West and Cheshire (CWAC) then highways issues on their roads should be directed to them, see their website here. For example the cross roads by the Red Fox is in CWAC.


There are no parking restrictions in Bunbury, we are ask that people park responsibly, especially around the Co-op.

There is a car park by the Jubilee Playing Fields accessed off Hurst Close. We are in ongoing discussions about extending the car park in to the old play ground, please see the minutes for the latest status.

For speeding and policing see our policing page.

Housing development on Wyche Lane

Demolition and building works are starting on the Duchy Homes development on Wyche Lane, the Parish Council have discussed the issue of traffic to and from the site with Duchy Homes. It has been agreed that they will ask all vehicles to access the site from the direction of the A49, via Long Lane and Bunbury Lane and not to use School Lane. They have also requested deliveries to avoid school pick up times when the village is busy. Due to weight restrictions at Bunbury Lock they cannot use that route.

Duchy Homes are in discussions with various landowners about putting up signage to help enforce this. They are providing on-site parking for contractors so there should not be vehicles parked on Wyche Lane.

We do ask that people show patience especially outside the Co-op which could be a bottleneck, we will monitor the situation and will keep in contact with Duchy Homes. Thank you for your co-operation.