Parish Council meetings


Next meeting: Wednesday 11 October at 7.20pm in the Bunbury Pavilion.

The Parish Council meets every 2nd Wednesday in the month at 7.20pm in the Pavilion. There is usually no meeting in August. Additional meetings are called from time to time for urgent matters to be discussed.

Members of the public are able to attend but cannot speak in the meeting. However the first 10 minutes of each meeting is an Open Forum where the public can speak for up to 3 minutes per person.

The notice of a meeting including the agenda and recent minutes are posted on the Parish Council notice board (outside the Village Hall) at least 4 days before a meeting or they can be viewed on this page.

The Agenda usually includes such matters as:

  • Highways issues
  • Policing issues
  • Maintenance and repairs around the village
  • Public rights of way
  • Reports from Cheshire East Borough Councillor Michael Jones
  • Reports from Parish Councillors
  • Report from the Playing Fields Committee.
  • Planning applications that are being consulted upon are discussed. Comments are then sent to the Borough Council Planning department who make decisions on these.
  • Special events.
  • Correspondence received including questions from the Public.
  • Parish Council finance

Agenda and Minutes

Click on the links below to view a PDF of the relevant minutes or agenda.

January Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
AugustNo meetingNo meeting


Why are the minutes DRAFT? – The minutes are draft until approved by the Parish Council usually at the following meeting. A hard copy is signed by the Chair with any amendments handwritten by the Clerk and countersigned by the Chair. That copy is the approved minutes and is filed by the Clerk. Since they are not retyped they do not appear here but you can see any amendments as they are recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which they are approved. These are usually minor corrections to detail such as the spelling of a name.