Parish Pursuits

This is our regular column that is published in the Link magazine, with no magazine in December we are publishing it here.

December 2017

The Parish Council met on 13th December with six Cllrs in attendance.  Our Ward Councillor, Michael Jones, told us that he had tendered his resignation on 11th December and it will be effective very shortly, so we have an election coming our way. The Council thanked Michael for all his advice and assistance during his tenure. Four Parishioners attended.

Dave Evans, the Bowling Club Chairman reported the need to renew their motor mower at a  cost of approx. £7000. Dave asked for some financial support from the PC and this will be an agenda item in January 2018. The club has 60 members, 40 from Bunbury.  Francis Drake loved bowling and so does Bunbury!

Following the bus consultation Cheshire East has agreed to retain our three weekly bus services but they will all run to Nantwich and back, with no service to Chester. Saving our three services, with the help of our residents, is a positive result but it’s a shame that we will no longer have a Chester connection. The new services will start in 2018, on a date yet to be agreed.

Bonfire night raised a profit of £700.

Don’t forget Carols Round the Tree, 6.30pm pm on Christmas Eve, at the Village  Christmas Tree, with musical accompaniment from Crewe Brass. Raise your voices to the sky!

The PC wish all Bunburians a very Happy Christmas and a New Year of Health and Smiles.

Leila Potter

PC Press Officer