Planning Applications

Land off Oak Gardens

This page deals with planning applications from developers or builders. It does not normally list changes to existing private properties. Full details can be found at the Cheshire East Planning website at this location.

Planning applications granted since 2015 (when work on the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan commenced – The plan was a started on 17/08/15, but not ‘made’ i.e. fully active until 29/03/16).

For full details on location, conditions, site layout and residents comments click on the planning reference code:

Ref: 15/0198N School lane. Number of dwellings 2

Ref: 15/1666N Bowes Gate Road. Number of dwellings 11

Ref: 15/5521N Whitchurch Road. Number of dwellings 2

Ref: 15/5783N Hill Close. Number of dwellings 15

Ref: 16/2372N Whitchurch Road. Number of dwellings 2

Ref: 16/2506N Sadlers Wells. Number of dwellings 4

Ref: 16/5637 Vicarage Lane. Number of dwellings 7 (originally 12)

Ref: 16/6044N Wyche Lane. Number of dwellings 14 (see front page for current developments on this site)

Ref: 16/2010N Land off Oak Gardens.Went to appeal, granted June 2017. Number of dwellings 15

Ref: 16/0646N Land to the rear of No. 6 Bunbury Lane.Went to appeal granted July 2017 Number of dwellings 15

Total Planning applications granted March 2015  – July 2017  87 dwellings.

Current Applications: