This page shows information on local policing matters. Our police are part of the Cheshire Constabulary, visit their website.

Police Officers

Please note that our local Officer is:

  • 4085 Nicky Berry.

Our Police Community Support Officer is:

  • 7149 Sharon Jones

Phone 101 and ask the call taker to pass a message on to them.

Follow local Police news on Twitter – Bunbury and Wrenbury police have their own Twitter page @bunburywrenpol as well as Nantwich police @policenantwich where you can get regular updates.


The Cheshire Constabulary website has a lot of useful information for example it explains how to handle potential scams from callers to the door, phone calls, Emails, social media and phone texts. Check out more here…

Why not sign up for Cheshire Police Alert?

Cheshire Police Alert is the community messaging system brought to you by Cheshire Constabulary and servicing the whole of Cheshire. By registering with Cheshire Police Alert, you receive news and appeals, local crime information and crime prevention advice – direct to you as an e-mail, mobile text or voice message.

Registering with this site is completely free, and not only allows you to receive messages about your local area, but also allows you to feed back information to your local policing teams to help them better police your neighbourhood.

When you are registered with Cheshire Police Alert, not only are you linked in to the most powerful local messaging service in the Cheshire Constabulary area, but you also have full access to log in to this website and access your account settings. Logging in allows you to control all of your personal details and adjust the types of messages you want to receive, where you want to receive them and when you would like to get them. All of this is done through our secure servers.


Police Cluster Meetings

Regular meetings are held with the local Police, and they are reported in the Minutes of the Parish Council meetings.


Try and make it harder for thieves to commit enter your home or your neighbour’s home.

Make sure all your doors and windows are locked, even when you are at home.

If you have a gate on your driveway, keep it closed as much as you can to prevent easy access for people.
Consider investing in CCTV.

Look out for your neighbours and their properties and report anything suspicious on 101.

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