Advertising on the Bunbury Village Website

We offer a range of different advertising options from ONLY £45 for 1 years advertising on the Bunbury Village website.

The Bunbury Village website is well established and is refreshed regularly with new content and Village news. 

The proceeds from the advertising mostly go to Bunbury Village Day, the rest is used to maintain the website.

  • All adverts run for 1 year and include a link to your website and a listing on the services page.
  • Artwork to be submitted as JPEG or PNG file, sizes specified below.
  • £25 one off fee for us to design your advert (if required)

If you are interested in advertising, please contact:

Website Sponsorship £100 per year (1 only)

  • This is the main sponsorship for the site and appears in the header of every page.
  • An image on the right hand side of the header which is 728px wide x 90px high
  • Includes a hyperlink to your website

An advert above the footer on every page. £60 per year (1 only)

  • Appears on every page
  • Size for artwork is 728 px wide and 90px high
  • Includes a hyperlink to your website

A right hand column advert – £45 per year (4 available)

  • There are 4 adverts.
  • The advert appears on the home page and selected internal pages
  • Includes a hyperlink to your website.
  • Size for artwork is 400 px wide and 280px high.