Page last updated: 6 July.

Welcome to Bunbury Community – Support during the Covid-19 epidemic

Be a good neighbour

We are continuing to support anybody that needs help despite the relaxation in lockdown. We hope to continue the scheme in some form as an ongoing service.

The Village Chippy, Tilly’s and the pubs (Yew Tree, Dysart and The Nags Head) are now open again! All are running different layouts and schemes to ensure compliance with Covid Guideline.

This group has been established by Bunbury Parish Council and St Boniface Church and is supported by other residents and groups. You are welcome to speak to the Reverend Tim Hayward or Mark Ireland-Jones, Chair of Bunbury Parish Council at any time.


  • To support Bunbury residents during the Covid-19 epidemic where individuals or families are self-isolated and need help with deliveries of food, goods and medications.
  • To support people who, through self-isolation, are alone and out of contact with family and friends.
  • To help local businesses support their customers and secure their long term future within our community.
  • If travel is restricted then we want distant friends and relatives to know that their loved ones are being supported and they don’t need to worry about not being able to see them.

Government advice

NHSDuring this period we will follow UK Government advice and operate under the guidance they give us. This may affect our services and the contact we can have with people, we can’t predict the future so please bear with us as circumstances change.

We won’t repeat their advice, particularly on health, but you can check the latest news here.

Our service

Bunbury Community offer a daily service delivering food and household goods and checking up on residents on a regular basis. Please note we cannot offer advice on health or what medications you should be taking.

  • For those with internet access they can
  • For those without internet access they can call 07823 490 425. If there is no answer please leave a voicemail.


These services will be manned by a roster of volunteers, anyone wishing to volunteer please


  • Please contact us by phone or Email before 10.00am each day, don’t forget you can leave a message the previous evening.
  • Make your request such as
    • Give us your shopping list
    • Post a letter
    • Pick up your pension or pay a bill at the Post Office Counter
  • We will only be using:
    • Bunbury Co-Op
    • The Post Office within the Co-Op
    • RF Burrows Butchers.
      • Burrows will take phone orders so you can call them directly and we can pick up for you. Call Burrows on 01829 260342.
  • Please tell us how you want to pay (see below).
  • We will visit you between 1.00pm and 4.00pm, we cannot give you an exact time but are assuming that due to self isolation people will be in.


We are running a daily newspaper delivery service, we can use you tokens if you have them or cash. Please contact us:


We offer the following payment options, everything we buy will be receipted. We cannot offer credit so everything needs to be paid for as it is delivered.

  1. Cash. We will collect the cash when we drop off your goods or prescriptions.
  2. Contactless card. Please speak to the volunteer if you do not have enough cash
  3. Cheque. The Co-op do not take cheques but Burrows do, we can collect this when we drop off the goods.
  4. If you cannot use any of these methods please speak to us.

To avoid embarrassment please do not offer tips or gifts to the volunteers, if you wish to recognise the volunteers then please make a donation to the Church or other local charity.

Physical contact

We will follow the latest Government guidelines, currently we believe that we can ring the bell and hand over your shopping on the doorstep. We can hold a brief conversation on the doorstep but keep a minimum of 2m ( 6ft) away (known as social distancing).

We cannot allow our volunteers in to your house so you will need to move the shopping inside. If you need support inside your home please contact us.

If you prefer us to ring the bell and leave the shopping on the doorstep then let us know when you order. You’ll need to leave payment in an envelope.

VE Day – 8 May – Tea parties

The village pulled out all the stops with bunting, flags and tea parties, if you have some photos you would like to share from your street then please email them to and we can add them to the website, thanks!

You can view all the photos here.

Fish Van in Bunbury

OceanWave come every Monday 1.15 to 2.15, outside the Nags Head.

You can pre-order, find out more on their website.


A useful poster for your door!

Please download the poster and print it out on A4 paper. If you don’t have access to a printer please contact us for a copy.

Door notice

Useful web sites

Safety and conduct

This is a voluntary service, we will do our best to meet your requests but if we can’t deliver exactly what you need please be patient.

We are sure we don’t have to remind people that we cannot tolerate any verbal abuse and we will refuse repeat deliveries to anyone who is verbally or physically abusive.

In the event that you need to make a complaint then please use the contact details above or speak to Tim Hayward or Mark Ireland-Jones.

Register for support, even if you don’t need it now

Shopping request form

Please complete the form below to request shopping or to pick up a prescription.

Please give quantities, specific brands and alternatives if you think it is relevant. We can get newspapers and magazines!