Village Action Group

Action Groups in the village often respond to particular planning applications. Once a planning decision and appeal are concluded they often cease to operate.

The Bunbury Action Group is concerned with all development issues in the village. It intends to be a permanent focus for the promotion of the bests interest of the village. You can visit their own website and comment on local issues –

Bunbury Action Group is a group of local residents, present and former, interested in preserving or enhancing the character of the historic village of Bunbury, including the amenities, the public footpaths, the open countryside and associated wildlife, in and around the village. We are involved in the planning process by putting views to the Neighbourhood Plan Group to try to get a suitable Neighbourhood Plan for Bunbury, to support small scale development in keeping with rural village character and which protects the green spaces, rural footpaths, open countryside and associated wildlife as much as possible. We also submit views on planning applications to the Parish Council and Cheshire East Planning to try and protect the village from unsuitable development.. If you require more information or wish to join please email us at:

The current Joint Secretaries at Peter & Jenny Gorman and they can be contact on (01829 458942) or the above email address.