Bunbury Buses Saved but with Loss of Chester Service

When Cheshire east began its Subsidised Bus Service Review, last year,  which included the 56 and 83 routes from Bunbury, both services were recommended for withdrawal. The Parish Council and residents responded to the review with many written and on-line replies, a deputation of Parish Councillors and residents attending an open meeting in Nantwich, and Chairman Ron Pulford and Vice Chairman Nick Parker going to see Cheshire East Leader, Rachel Bailey, to explain why it was essential to retain bus services from Bunbury. The number of responses from Bunbury, regarding our two routes, was higher than from any other area. In November many changes to the subsidised services were agreed by Cheshire East, but the Bunbury services were retained, with one alteration. Unfortunately our once a week service to Chester will be withdrawn but instead of the original two services to Nantwich there will now be three, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thank you to all those residents who joined our campaign and helped to save the Bunbury buses. Details of the new services, including timetables, will be confirmed following the procurement and appointment of a bus operator for each route. Further details are expected to be announced early in 2018. You can see the review report on the Cheshire East website by searching on ‘Supported Bus Service Review.’

Ron Pulford Chairman Bunbury Parish Council – 12.01.2018

D&G BusesOur local buses are provided by Cheshire East Council who sub-contract D&G Buses.

NEW Service starts April 1, 2018

New service 70 starts on 1 April 2018 replacing service 56 and partially replacing services 83 and 89 which are withdrawn. Download and view or print the timetable.

These services will be withdrawn on March 31, 2018

We have 2 services, view the timetable at D&G Buses website.

  1. 56 – Nantwich on Thursday and Saturday
  2. 83 – Chester on Tuesdays

The Little Bus – you may be eligible to use the Little Bus service where you can book a bus for a specific need – click here to register and find out more.