Life Saving

Bunbury Defibrillator

A Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) is now installed in the Nags Head in Bunbury. In the event of a cardiac arrest, if a PAD is used within 10 minutes, the patient has a better chance of survival. The British Heart Foundation and North West Ambulance see PADs as a vital community resource as it allows people to deliver treatment quickly, whilst the ambulance is on its way.

Recently in Malpas a PAD, based in the Co-Op was successfully used by an untrained bystander on a person who had a cardiac arrest – a life saved due to a PAD and local knowledge.

Of course we don’t want anybody to be in the position that the PAD is needed for them, but should such a situation arise, the PAD may save a life. Know where it is – in the event of a Cardiac Arrest.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the funding and installation of the PAD:

  • The Nags Head Bunbury
  • Bunbury Parochial Charities
  • Bunbury Village Day
  • Tarporley Round Table  

Know what to do – in the event of a Cardiac Arrest

1 Don’t Panic
2 Call 999
3 Send someone to get the PAD
4 Start CPR Immediately
5 Attach the PAD and follow the instructions – the PAD provides audible instructions
6 Don’t worry – It will not shock the patient unless a shock is needed
7 Follow the instructions until help arrives
8 You may have just saved a life.

Bunbury First Responders

Community First Responders (CFRs) are volunteers who give their time freely to help save lives in their community.

Responders are everyday  members of the general public who are trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators and the treatment and control of a wide range of potentially life threatening conditions.

In cases of heart attack it has been identified that early intervention can result in a significant improvement in prognosis. First Responders provide support to the regular Ambulance Service by attending serious and life threatening 999 calls in and around the community to provide the earliest possible intervention for patients in the first few minutes until the arrival of an Ambulance.

There are trained North West Ambulance CFRs in Bunbury, ready to provide emergency support. As always the team has started with one person and desperately needs enthusiastic volunteers who would be prepared to be trained and be available for an on call rota. Please see North West Ambulance for more details or e-mail

Free First Aid Training

Recently both the Bunbury Scouts, Guides and the Brownies have successfully gained certificates for emergency life support after attending Heartstart training by Local North West Ambulance Community First Responders. You too can take advantage of this valuable training We can run a FREE Heartstart traing course for your Club or Society – contact You can Attend a FREE course – see below  

Public Courses

A successful programme of Heartstart training to the general public has been running in Tattenhall over the last few months resulting in 60 people so far being trained in this potentially life saving skill The initiative is a community collaboration between The Studio in Tattenhall and the Tattenhall, Bunbury and Tarporley First Responders where a 3 hour workshop is run every month training a maximum of 12 people at a time to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the exercises and receive individual feedback. The Heartstart scheme has been developed by the British Heart Foundation to provide free Emergency Life Support (ELS) training in the community and schools. The scheme is aimed at the public and anyone from the age of ten upwards can attend and learn the complete range of ELS skills. To date 2.6 million people have been trained through Heartstart. The Heartstart programme includes skills such as:

  • assessing an unconscious patient
  • performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • dealing with choking
  • dealing with serious bleeding
  • helping someone who may be having a heart attack.

Knowing what to do when someone has a cardiac arrest is important. If you can do CPR you can buy the time needed for professional help to arrive and save the life of your loved one. Being able to do CPR more than doubles their chance of survival. The Heartstart course is designed to follow the current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines. The feedback from participants on the training has been universally positive and it’s encouraging to see so many people wanting to learn this essential skill. Although the training is provided free of charge, any donations to the First Responders are gratefully received and used to support the continuing work of this valuable community asset. 

Please contact Jill on 01829 771895 if you would like to book on the next available course.