Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Review on-line Consultation:

This is the on-line version of the Consultation Document being distributed to all homes in Bunbury.

Please note the on-line version is not ‘live’ yet. It will be available once the print copy is distributed. The current password protection will then be removed.

You can complete the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation from this page by clicking on the button below.

This is an alternative method from print version delivered to every house in the Bunbury plan area. If you want extra printed copies they can be obtained from:

Tilly’s cafe

The Co-op


Completed questionnaires can also be returned to any of the above locations.

It is also possible to download a copy of the Consultation from this site. Go to the Parish Council menu and follow the link to the main Neighbourhood Plan page.

To complete the questionnaire click the button below:

Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2022

This survey has expired!