The Parish Council reports each month on any issues related to footpaths.

The footpaths around Bunbury are an important part of our village, the Parish Council is not responsible for their actual upkeep but is tasked with representing the village and working with the relevant landowners to keep the paths in good order. If you would like to report an issue please email the Parish Clerk, Marilyn Houston at

Please note the maintenance is carried out by the relevant landowner and is subject to various regulations, including for example not trimming hedges whilst birds may be nesting or fledging.  Therefore this work is typically done in September and over Winter.

Dog walkers are welcome on the paths but please bag up any dog faeces and take the bag home with you or use one of the bins in the village.

The designation of footpaths is a local planning matter and is administered by Cheshire East Council.

Mid Cheshire Footpath Society

You are welcome to join the walks arranged by the Mid Cheshire Footpath Society, visit their web site for more details.