The Future of the Pavilion

January 2021.

We are looking to build a team to study the options for redevelopment of the Pavilion, this email has been circulated but in case you missed it, it is copied below.

To: All Interested Parties
The Jubilee Pavilion is owned by Bunbury Parish Council and, as you can see, it is in need of some significant work. 
This year we will undertake a full review with the aim of putting into place a plan for either refurbishment or replacement.
We are looking to put together a pavilion team from across the village that can:
1) Undertake a review of what the village needs at this location. At this stage we want to start with a blank canvas and not constrain ourselves by pre-judging the cost or viability – it really is blue sky thinking so new facilities, which don’t currently exist, could be considered or it might just be simple changing rooms for sports on the field. 
Sue Briggs-Harris has kindly offered to run a public consultation in The Paper to get residents’ views.
We will assume the new facilities will meet all current inclusivity and relevant regulations such as disabled access and toilets.
2) With the list of needs the team will liaise with other village facilities, such as the Village Hall, the Mill and other venues to deliver a strategic plan that maximises the use of all our village infrastructure and ensures we do not duplicate facilities.
3) The team will then look at the options for the building (rough size and layout) and potential sources of funding. We are not expecting full architects’ drawings or funding to be secured, just options for detailed consideration.
4) Deliver and present a set of options the team believe are potentially viable so that a decision can be made and an implementation team established to deliver and fund the project.
We are assuming that this initial review will be primarily volunteer-led and therefore costs will be minimal, but if expenses are needed they can request funding from the parish council.
If you are willing to be on the team, or know someone in the village with expertise such as fund-raising, building design, planning or architecture, then please either email, call Mark Ireland Jones on 0781 0637233 or speak to one of the parish councillors.
We will hold meetings, most likely by Zoom for now, at a time to suit everyone whether they are working or not and will have a kick off meeting in February.
Thank you in advance.
Mark Ireland-Jones
Bunbury Parish Council