Village Day

Village Day 2019 – Celebrating 50 years of Village Day which was resurrected in 1969.

In 1969 the ancient custom of “The Wakes” was reborn as Village Day.  Next year will be a special day as it is celebrating 50 years – a time when the village can come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of a village community.

As always we are looking for volunteers and ideas:

  • Would you like to help out – organising the festivities or on the day?
  • Do you have any ideas of how we can make village day 2019 a very special celebration?

If so please contact us at:


How are the proceeds from Village Day Spent?

Although the main focus of Village Day is to provide a great day for everyone, sometimes there is a small profit which is spent on good causes in the Village. Below are a few examples of how the proceeds have been spent

  • Maintaining the Village website
  • Procuring a new bench for the triangle in front of the co-op
  • Helping to fund the public access defibrillator in the Nags Head and funding replacement pads and batteries
  • Paying for a coach trip for the Friday at Tillys club




Get Involved with Village Day?

Do you want to help out with Village Day – Perhaps join the team or contribute on the day – you can contact and your help will be warmly received.

You can help as much or as little as you wish – either organising or on the day.

We are always looking for arena events, ideas and stalls – so if you are a group or society and want an opportunity to display, then please let us know:


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