Bunbury Village

Bunbury Village

The village of Bunbury lies at the western edge of the Cheshire Plain some 3 miles from Tarporley and 12 miles south east of the city of Chester. Little is known of its history prior to the Norman Conquest but it is generally accepted that the name is of Saxon origin and it is thought that there was a Christian place of worship on the site of the present parish church long before 1066. Read more about our history.

On this site, you can find useful general information about Bunbury village facilities, events and clubs and societies. If you have an event or a club you would like us to publicise, then please let us know. Also, please feel free to email us with comments or requests for new content. If you need to book the Village Hall or Pavilion, please use their booking system:

Save Bunbury Scout Group

Do you enjoy having fun and using your imagination?

Bunbury Village Day 8th June 2024

Whether you fancy volunteering or not, the important thing is to get the date in your diary, Saturday 8 June 2024.

The ALIVE Project

For villagers over the age of 55 to meet in the Nags Head every Tuesday from 12noon for lunch.

Bunbury Parish Council

The Parish Council website contains information about the Council and is the statutory website for the Parish Council’s legal publications.

To go directly to the Parish Council section please click here.

What’s on!

Singing, Bowling, working party at the woods, find out more

Bunbury Village Day 2024

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The village has 2 defibrillators, one outside the Village Hall and one at the Pavilion.

When you access the defibrillator it talks you through what to do in an emergency.

The previous indoor defibrillator at the Nags Head is now at the Dysart Arms, but will only be available during opening hours. Thanks to both pubs for hosting this.