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Bunbury website is run by the Parish Council, to publicise local events and village facilities.

If you have an event or a club you want us publicise, then please let us know. Please email us with comments or requests for new content.

If you need to book the Village Hall or Pavilion please contact them directly, Email the Pavilion or Email the Village Hall.

Bunbury Parish Council

For more information on the Parish Council please click here.

Cheshire East Council

Bunbury is part of Cheshire East Council and is run by a coalition of Labour and Independent councillors. There is a lot of useful information on their website.

Litter picking

Congratulations to the two young girls who gathered 11 bags of Litter left on the Play Area and surrounding Playing Field by people who cannot use a Litter Bin or take their Litter home.

The young girls were not asked to do this but were upset about the amount of rubbish being left behind.

We have many Litter Bins around the Playing Field but unfortunately they are not always used during this busy time of Summer. As you can see from the photos below sometimes people can’t even put their rubbish in the bins when they are available! Please help us to keep our environment clean safe for us to enjoy.


There are a number of road closures round the village in the coming weeks:

  • August 22 to 1st September: Vicarage Lane, Bunbury
    • From the junction of Wyche Lane to the junction of Wyche Road
    • The alternative route will be via College Lane, Bunbury Common Road, Common Lane, Whitchurch Road, School Lane and visa versa which is considered the most suitable route.
  • September 5 to 16: Bunbury Road, Alpraham/Bunbury, for its full extent
    • The alternative route will be via Chester Road, Nantwich Road, Whitchurch Road, School Lane, Bunbury Lane, Vicarage Lane, Bowes Gate Road and visa versa which is considered the most suitable route.
  • September 26 to November 11: Bunbury Common Road, Bunbury
    • From the junction of Bowes Gate Road to the junction of College Lane
    • The alternative route will be via College Lane, Bowes Gate Road and visa versa which is considered the most suitable route.

Note that the expected completion date is the ‘expected’  date and might be earlier or later.

Bunbury Village Day 2022

Visit the Village Day page for a full report of the day

Fundraising for the Pavilion

The Village was recently leafleted by the team raising funds for the refurbishment of the Pavilion asking people to register with the Easyfunding website, a copy is below and you can register here.




The village has 2 defibrillators, one outside the Village Hall and one at the Pavilion.

When you access the defibrillator it talks you through what to do in an emergency.

The previous indoor defibrillator at the Nags Head is now at the Dysart Arms, but will only be available during opening hours. Thanks to both pubs for hosting this.

Views from around the village

The Yew Tree
Tilly's Cafe
Nags Head
Medical Centre
Play ground
Village Hall
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The village of Bunbury lies at the western edge of the Cheshire Plain some 3 miles from Tarporley and 12 miles south east of the city of Chester. Little is known of its history prior to the Norman Conquest but it is generally accepted that the name is of Saxon origin and it is thought that there was a Christian place of worship on the site of the present parish church long before 1066. Read more about our history.