Parish Council Notes

Parish Council Notes

These notes are not the official minutes of the Bunbury Parish Council. The minutes can be found at

These notes are a narrative description of the meetings and will appear much more quickly than the minutes. However, despite our best efforts, they are open to error, so always check with the Parish Council Clark if in doubt. His email is:

The Next meeting will be on Wednesday 6 December at 7:20 in the Pavilion. The Council does not usually meet in August.

The Open Forum, which precedes the formal business of the Parish Council, is an opportunity for residents to raise issues of immediate concern or comment on recent planning applications. You are warmly invited to attend if you wish to bring urgent matters to the attention of the Parish Council.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 8 November 2023

Borough Councillor Report

The Borough Councillor reported that she had received a lot of emails following recent heavy rain, resulting in local flooding. The clearing of blocked drains along School Lane had been undertaken, with three drains found not to be connected, which had been reported. Clearing of drains has also been organised for College Lane. Flooding along Long Lane from the Yew Tree, with water flowing off the fields still remains a problem.

A positive response was received regarding the naming of the new housing development by the medical centre. It is confirmed that it will be named Pulford Place in memory of the former Chair of the Parish Council. A formal naming ceremony with the family will be arranged in the future.

The oak tree on the green by the church has had to be removed on safety grounds. The tree planted for the Platinum Jubilee is establishing itself. The Green itself is subject to a green space review in the village by Chesire East, which may affect grass cutting in the future. The sinkhole on Wyche Lane has been filled by Cheshire East Council.

Public Forum

A couple who bought Norbury Cottage near the Yew Tree introduced themselves to the Parish Council and explained their plans for the cottage and site. Unfortunately, the cottage is not habitable, and the plan is to demolish it and re-build it moving it to face the roadside; the garages to be converted into stables. The overall plan for the site is to retain it as a small holding, in keeping with its village location. They pointed out that the entry and exit to the site is difficult and they would be looking to widen the entrance.

A trustee of Bunbury Water Mill reported that dog walkers have been placing black bags in the Mill bin and the volunteer emptying the bin is saying this is now over-used and a more public bin is required. A previous meeting of the Parish Council had agreed that a dog bin should be located near the Mill (end of Mill Lane as it meets Bowes Gate Road). It was agreed to agenda the item for the next meeting of the Parish Council.

Parish Councillor Reports

A public meeting on traffic management has been arranged for 22 November and posters would advertise the meeting.

A Re-start the Heart Day (training on how to deal with a cardiac arrest) had been well attended and received.

Some lights on the Pavilion building are not working and will be checked and replaced.

It was reported that the Department for Levelling up and Regeneration is looking to speed up the planning system which might have implications for consulting locally on proposals, particularly larger planning issues.

Planning Applications

23/4022N Land at Bunbury Heath, Whitchurch Road, Bunbury

New detached house with detached garage and associated boundary works and landscaping.

The Parish Council heard that this was a third application on the plot, all previous applications receiving approval but not built. They welcomed the energy efficiency of the proposal and raised no objections.

Christmas Tree and Christmas Arrangements

The Christmas tree has been ordered and will be erected on Saturday 25 November.

Arrangements are in place for carols around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, including representatives from Crewe Brass Band. A charity to donate money raised from the event will be discussed at the December meeting.

Allotment Working Group

A meeting of the Bunbury Parish Council Allotments Working Group was held on 2 November. The Group heard that there had been few responses to the letter sent to local residents but that, of the responses received, those from Tweddle Close residents were in support of the use of the land for allotments, subject to any car parking being contained within the allotment site.

Correspondence and Clerk’s report

A thank you from the school had been received in relation to the bulb planting event around the play area involving pupils from the school.

Residents from the Hawthorns had raised concerns about the lack of maintenance of the stream through Darkie Meadow resulting in the threat of flooding. The clerk agreed to respond.

College Lane will be closed for two separate dates – Monday 20 November for five days and 8-14 January 2024.

A request has been received from the PCSO about school staff parking along School Lane, requesting that the Parish Council approach the landowner of the frontage to the cricket field to ask if it would be possible for staff to park there. The clerk agreed to write to the landowner.

Green to the North of St Boniface Churchyard

As Cheshire East undertakes its review of green spaces, it has come to the attention that the Green near the church does not appear on the land registry. Cheshire East are looking to remove responsibility for maintaining small pieces of land that they do not own. The Parish Council expressed an interest in formally taking on responsibility for the land and to have it formally registered, if no previous owner can be identified. It was agreed to investigate further formally taking ownership of the green with Cheshire East Council.

The Borough Councillor explained that the purpose of the Chesire East Council’s green space review is to remove maintenance of any land that they do not own. This could impact the cutting of grass at the playing fields and the church yard and have implications for the Parish Council.

Autumn Newsletter

An Autumn Parish Council newsletter would be distributed the last week in November and would include such items as Allotments, Re-start the Heart training and defibrillators, 20mph public meeting, bulb planting, plans for Christmas, maintenance and costs of the play area and village WhatsApp with QR code.

Items for WhatsApp Bulletin

The following items were agreed for the Council WhatsApp:

Christmas tree

20mph speed limit meeting

Autumn Newsletter

Road closure

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 10 October 2023

Open Forum

No member of the public requested to speak.

Borough Councillor Report

The Borough Councillor referred to the letter residents will have received advising them that with effect from 24 January 2024 there will be a charge of £56 per annum for the green waste bin. The charging for the green bin is part of an overall review of expenditure by Chesire East Council, which is forecasting a significant overspend for this year and coming years if action is not taken. Other actions include how often green spaces are cut, such as the space by St Boniface church, rationalisation of council buildings and harmonisation of car parking charges across the borough.

The clearing of blocked drains along School Lane remains outstanding despite the Borough Councillor offering to pay for the clearing from her ward budget. The Borough Councillor reported that there is a community development service that provides services/opportunities for people to meet up but is not very prevalent in rural communities so there is a push to advertise these services in the rural areas.

The Borough Councillor reported that she will be attending the Remembrance Service at St Boniface church.

The naming of the new housing development by the Medical Centre was discussed. The Parish Council had organised through the appropriate approval channels to name the development Pulford Place in memory of Ron Pulford, former Parish Council Chair. However, a different name is being used to advertise the houses. Steps are being taken to revert to the agreed name.

The Borough Councillor went through the list of 106 monies relevant to Bunbury. These are agreements between Cheshire East and housing developers to pay a contribution to infrastructure projects when planning applications are approved. Most contributions to date have been towards classrooms at the Primary School, with the exception of the recently started Oak Gardens development whereby monies have been agreed towards habitat creation. This would need to be monitored to ensure that the project is delivered.

Parish Councillor Reports

An Allotment Sub-Group has been established to look at the viability of establishing an allotment and set up a community allotment association.

A Re-start the Heart Day (training on how to deal with a cardiac arrest) has been organised for Saturday, 14 October, in the Village Hall, and an outside cabinet has been ordered for the defibrillator at the Dysart Arms.

Meetings are being organised in the village on 13 and 17 November to discuss traffic issues in Bunbury. A Parish Council Newsletter will be distributed the week beginning 27 November.

The Parish Council has purchased spring bulbs, which will be planted by Year 3 children from the primary school in the woodland area of the play area on 19 October, 1.30 pm.

Planning Applications

23/3662N The Old Methodist Chapel, Bunbury Lane, Bunbury

New four-bed dwelling to the rear of the property on the car park. (a previous application had been refused by Cheshire East)

The Parish Council felt that this was a large house on a very small plot adjacent to the former chapel, with access coming from Hurst Close by the playing fields. It was agreed to object to this latest application on the grounds of a cramped site situated up against the former chapel, with safety issues as a result of the creation of new access. Eight car parking spaces are recorded in the application, but there is only room for 2 spaces on the plans. The Parish Council further agreed to ask for conditions of retention of a small wall and all hedging and all work vehicles to be housed within the wider ownership of the site should planning permission be granted.

Outcomes of former planning applications:

23/1697N and 23/1761N – the Old School, College Lane, Bunbury

Listed Building Consent and Planning, respectively, for the Proposed Installation of 14 Solar Panels to be installed to the roof pitch of the existing dwelling – Refused

23/3305N – Foxdale, Vicarage Lane, Bunbury

Variation of condition 2 on approved application 22/3593N – Conversion of outbuilding at Foxdale into a four-bedroom detached dwelling with new garden space and associated works – Refused

Play Area Track

The Parish Council considered two quotations for work to establish the full width of the track around the playing field and agreed to go with the quote of a local firm. 

D-Day 80

Thursday, 6 June 2024, will be 80 years since D-Day during the Second World War. This is the week before Village Day, and the Parish Council agreed to ask the Village Day Committee if any commemoration could form part of the Village Day event. They also agree to contact the Royal British Legion to discuss any arrangements that they might be making.

Correspondence and Clerk’s report

There is a consultation on the procurement of non-commercial bus services such as Dial-a-Ride. A Parish Councillor agreed to discuss the need for such a service with the Alive Group.

Wyche Lane will be closed for repairs from 31 October to 3 November.

A resident had written about the ivy that was obscuring the street light near the church. It would be investigated where the growth of the ivy sat, and contact would be made with either the Council or the land owner to remove it.

Remembrance Wreath

A Parish Council wreath had been ordered.


The Parish Council’s accounts had been audited and declared satisfactory.

Items for WhatsApp Bulletin

The following items were agreed for the Council WhatsApp:

Play Area Track


20mph speed limit

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 13 September 2023

Open Forum

Two members of the public spoke in opposition to the planning application on the agenda for the erection of a new dwelling and garage in the grounds of Mayfield House, Moss Lane, Bunbury. The land in question is in open countryside with a number of windows in the proposed property facing into a neighbour’s property. Access from a single track and farm lane was also raised as a concern. The two-storey garage with a games room was also felt not to be in keeping with surrounding properties. Residents questioned whether the application was legitimate and necessary for the area.

Parish Councillor Reports

A Parish Councillor asked where the communication was from Cheshire East Council regarding the introduction of charging for garden waste bins from 2024; the charge being levied is high when compared to other councils. Disappointment was expressed that the requested gully cleaning along School Lane has not taken place.

The meeting heard that the outside cabinet for the defibrillator on the village hall is leaking. An outside cabinet is being ordered for the defibrillator at the Dysart Arms, who have agreed that their electrician will install it. A Re-start the Heart Day has been organised for Saturday, 14 October, in the Village Hall. An article will appear in the Link advertising the date.

The area around Footpath 14 has been cut and cleared which has considerably improved the access. However, Footpath 22 along Birds Lane has not had the footpath restored during the maize growing season.

Free dog poo bags have been distributed around the village. The large number of jackdaws around the village has been raised by a resident but the Parish Council is unable to respond to the complaint.

The Pavilion has had a roof leak in the main room, which has been repaired, and the playing field grass has been cut for the football season. Potholes on the stretch of road from the chip shop up to Bunbury Lane have been reported on the ‘Fix My Street’ website. Some holes have been repaired, but the state of the road remains in an unsatisfactory condition. The Parish Council agreed to raise a complaint about the state of the road.

The Parish Council heard that during August, the speed gun had been used on School Lane and Bunbury Lane. Some speeding was recorded and passed to the PCSO.

Planning Applications

23/3228N – School House, College Lane, Bunbury

Listed Building Consent – Back Room Modernisation, new window design, new roof, damp course.

Parish Council decision – No objection.

23/3305N – Foxdale, Vicarage Lane, Bunbury

Variation of condition 2 on approved application 22/3593N – Conversion of outbuilding at Foxdale into a four-bedroom detached dwelling with new garden space and associated works.

The Parish Council noted an objection by a neighbouring property that skylights would look into their property. The plan is for a much larger property than originally approved with a large garage right up to the Lane which makes the access unusable, and further damages the existing stone walls. The Parish Council felt that the revised plans were too large and agreed to object to the variation of the approved application. The Parish Council also noted an associated application 23/3152B regarding use of materials relating to the conversion of the Coach House.

23/3348N – Mayfield House, Moss Lane, Bunbury

Erection of a new dwelling and garage together with associated works.

The Parish Council heard that an application on this site had been refused in the past, the site in question being outside the settlement boundary, in open countryside. The Council noted that the applicant is claiming the site is infill; the land forming part of their garden. A new property is already being constructed in a different part of the garden. The Parish Council agreed to object to the application on the grounds that the land in question is in open countryside.

Bulb Planting

1,000 bulbs have been purchased to be planted by Bunbury Primary School children in the woodland area of the play area.

Chair’s Cup Plinth

A new wooden plinth is being made for the Chair’s Cup at a cost of £40 and the trophy shop in Crewe has agreed to move the existing plates to the new plinth for £20. The expenditure and work were approved.


The quote for the renewal of Parish Council insurance has gone up to £4,000, quite a considerable increase. Further quotes are being sought but companies are asking for detailed information of cover required. The Council approved the Clerk to seek the same cover for the cheapest quote.

Correspondence and Clerk’s report

A survey for feedback on the May 2022 Election process has reported that the nominations and expense forms should be made easier and digitised.

Town and Parish Councils have been invited to a Local Enterprise Partnership consultation on developing a new economic plan for the area.

Consultation on Planning Reforms

A comprehensive Government consultation on planning reforms is out for comment and the Parish Council agreed that any response made would be done by individual councillors.


The Parish Council has published its first newsletter, it was available from the Co-op and Tilly’s and on the village website. It was agreed to trial a delivery of the future quarterly newsletter.

Grant Request

A grant of £150 has been requested from Nantwich Food Bank. The amount requested had been worked out on a pro rata basis in terms of usage of the Food Bank by Bunbury residents. 6% of residents use the Food Bank. The grant was approved.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 12 July 2023

Open Forum

A resident gave a verbal report on the recent Southern Planning Committee decision to refuse the latest planning application at Parkside, Bunbury Lane, thanking the Vice Chair of the Parish Council and the Ward Councillor for making presentations at the meeting. The meeting was attended by many Bunbury residents showing their opposition to the application, and a long and often technical discussion took place before members of the Committee voted to refuse the application.

Ward Councillor Report

The Ward Councillor referred to the recent planning application refusal at Parkside and reported that further clarification would be sought from Ministers on First Homes policy.

An estimate of the cost of clearing the blocked drains on School Lane is still awaited, with the aim to have them cleared over the summer school holiday. Some small potholes have been filled.

Cheshire East are proposing to reduce the number of planning committees to two from three to save costs. Concerns were being raised about the future transparency of planning decisions if this was to proceed. There is also a proposal by Cheshire East Council to introduce an annual charge for the disposal of garden waste.

Parish Councillor Reports

The Parish Council heard concerns about issues on School Lane, such as the pooling of water after heavy rain, traffic and overhanging hedges. The Parish Council agreed to include information on hedge cutting in The Link and on WhatsApp. The Ward Councillor is working to have the drains cleared to alleviate the flooding incidents.

The gate into the car park has dropped, and the locking mechanism is not working. A Parish Councillor agreed to attempt to rectify the gate.

Village day had been a success with similar attendance at the gate to last year, although the parade starting on School Lane did not attract a large following crowd. Beer sold out by 4 pm, and a wider range of food available once the BBQ had finished was well received. The School workshop was greatly appreciated, and the Parish Council was thanked for funding it.

Planning Applications

23/2511N – Foxdale, Vicarage Lane, Bunbury

Demolish the modern extension and erect a two-storey extension with external and internal alterations, landscaping and new access.

The Parish Council expressed concerns about the work that had already started before planning permission had been granted. The new access has been made with the sandstone wall and hedge removed. In addition, permission was given by Cheshire East Council on 19 June 2023 to remove 3 trees that had Tree Preservation Orders, with no notification to the Parish Council.

They agreed – to object to the application, raising concerns about the location of the new access, removal of trees and work commencing to the house and garden with no planning permission.

23/2313N – The Methodist Chapel, Bunbury Lane

The removal of the former chapel and the erection of two dwellings.

The previous application for two large modern homes on the site in this conservation area has been withdrawn, and this latest design has been put forward in a new application. The application still includes one large modern house of scale, height, materials and design not in keeping with the surrounding area. No detailed scale information had been included in the application, and there were a number of obvious inaccuracies in the supporting information that did not relate to Bunbury Village.

Agreed – object to the application – the large plot one proposal is too large and not in keeping with the surrounding area and the inclusion of inaccurate information in the Design Statement.

Planning Update

Work has resumed on the Oak Gardens site.


Two large covered bins will replace two small bins on the playing fields.

WhatsApp Group

The Parish Council WhatsApp group for factual village information has been running for a few months but now needs more residents to sign up. There are currently 130 participants, and it was agreed to put a notice in The Link to encourage more people to join. It was agreed that all councillors should be able to post information on the Group. The Group is for outward information only, and no response from the public is permitted. 

Restart a Heart Day

Plans are being made for activities in the village as part of the national Restart a Heart Day. A training event is planned to take place in the village hall. Information will be publicised in The Link.

Correspondence and Clerk’s report

A resident had objected to the proposal to establish a Working Group to look at possible 20 mph restrictions in certain parts of the village.

Cheshire East has notified the Parish Council of road closures on College Lane, Tilston Bank Road and Bowes Gate Road for 14 weeks for road works.

The Parish Council agreed to renew its membership in Cheshire Community Action which provides advice on community projects and activities.

Chair’s Cup

Replacement of the base for the Chairman’s Cup is ongoing.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 21 June 2023

Ward Councillor Report

The Ward Councillor explained that she had attended training since being elected in May 2023 and is now a member of the Children and Families and Environmental committees. Cheshire East is proposing a green bin tax to remove garden waste; she will oppose such a proposal. The consultation also occurred to close all libraries for an extra day and a half a week. This will be fiercely opposed, and the Ward Councillor visited Crewe Library to see libraries’ extended role, such as issuing Blue Badges. This proposal will go back to Committee for a decision.

In the village, the Ward Councillor has been logging the location of potholes for repairs. Some have been repaired as a result. She has visited School Lane to understand why the road floods when there is heavy rain – every drain is full and blocked. She proposes using some of her member budget to have all the drains cleared. The Parish Council welcomed this news but asked that the work be undertaken during the school holidays to enable easy access to drains. A visit has also been made to inspect the state of the roads in Wyche Lane and outside the church.

The planning application on Parkside had taken up considerable time, with residents raising concerns and objections. Representations had been made to Cheshire East, MP Edward Timpson and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to ask the Minister for their opinion on the weighting of Neighbourhood Plans within the planning process. The Ward Councillor will be opposing the application when it is heard at the Southern Planning Committee on 28 June 2023.

Open Forum

A resident spoke about the Parkside planning application on Bunbury Lane. A request was made for as many members of the Parish Council to attend the Planning Committee on 28 June to show the strength of opposition to the application, which is recommended for approval by officers of Cheshire East Council. It is very disappointing to see a recommendation for approval, given the history of refusals on this site, the presence of a Neighbourhood Plan and the number of inaccuracies contained within the report. The Parish Council noted the date of the Committee.

A resident attended to make a further plea for the provision of allotments in the village following the presentation of a petition to the Parish Council. This was an item on the meeting’s agenda and would be discussed further.

Parish Councillor Reports

The Parish Council was reminded that it normally supports the creative workshop at the school after SATS have taken place.

It was reported that there are a number of overhanging hedges that are blocking footpaths in various parts of the village. A tree management sub-group has been set up and has been round the village to check Tree Preservation Order (TPO) trees and potential TPO trees. A report on the sub-groups’ findings would come back to a future meeting of the Parish Council.

Planning Applications

23/1697N and 23/1761N – the Old School, College Lane, Bunbury

Listed Building Consent and Planning, respectively, for the Proposed Installation of 14 Solar Panels to be installed to the roof pitch of the existing dwelling.

Discussion took place on the pros and cons of installing solar panels on a listed building. The Parish Council was split in its views with some pointing to the need to reduce carbon footprint, whilst others raised concerns about the potential visibility of the panels on a listed building.

Agreed – Voted to object to the application – 7 in favour, two against.

23/1787N Hygarth, Wyche Lane, Bunbury

Create dormer loft conversion to the rear to create additional bedroom living space. Partial render to the rear of the property and of a created dormer, in keeping with the current front elevations.

Despite asking for an extension from Cheshire East Council to consider this application, Cheshire East went ahead and approved the application.

23/1998N – Heath Farm, Whitchurch Road, Bunbury

Change of Use of an existing barn to form a residential dwelling, a detached garage and associated infrastructure works (re-submission of application 21/0997N).

Agreed – no objection; conversion in line with policy.

Planning Update

There have been parking issues associated with the building of houses at the side of the medical centre, including parking in front of the notice boards. Cones and tape have been erected to stop parking on the verges and the PCSO has spoken to the site manager. The opening up of the site should improve the situation.

WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp group for factual village information has been running for a few months but now needs more residents to sign up; awareness raising of the Group could be placed on Village Day and Bunbury Journal Facebook pages. There was a proposal that all councillors should be able to post information on the Group, not just one named person. 


The Parish Council discussed the provision of allotments in Bunbury following a request from a number of residents. Feasibility and management issues were discussed. The land owned by the Parish Council at Tweddle Close is the most obvious site. Issues of clearing of the site, costs, access rights, parking, and consultation with local residents were discussed. It was agreed to establish a Working Group to carry out a feasibility study and report back to the Parish Council.

Correspondence and Clark’s report

Parish Councillors will move to have a separate email address to secure the work of the Parish Council.

Concerns were raised that Cheshire East Council are proposing to reduce the number of planning committees because of workload and the potential impact on local democracy when planning applications are submitted. The Parish Council agreed to make representations raising concerns about the reduction in the number of planning committees.

The library consultation is open to individuals, and everyone was urged to respond.

Chair’s Cup

The plinth for the Chairman’s cup requires replacement, a larger plinth was proposed to hold all names and quotes would be brought back to the next meeting.

Defibrillator Costs

Defibrillation awareness sessions have reached 30 people from various groups. In October, there will be a national re-start a heart day, and it was proposed to run further awareness sessions to coincide with the national event. There are currently three fully functioning registered defibrillators within the village. It was reported that there is a national shortage of paediatric pads, and the defibrillator at the Dysart only has adult pads. It was agreed that it would be more beneficial to have the defibrillator at the Dysart in an outside cabinet at a cost of approximately £500 plus the cost of an electrician to install it. The Parish Council agreed to proceed with the outside cabinet at the Dysart.

Play Area Annual Safety Report

ROSPA has completed its annual safety report on the Play Area. Areas that were highlighted for maintenance include the zip wire and exercise bars and more bark is required. This is an ongoing commitment from funds to maintain the Play Area.


A new member of the Parish Council was co-opted at the meeting.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 10 May 2023

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council took place prior to the scheduled monthly meeting. A summary of achievements and activities for the past 12 months was presented and thanks were made to members for their hard work. The Playing Fields Committee also gave a report outlining that the facilities were well-used and that modest renovations are in hand to maintain the facilities. There had been a successful Village Day last year, and everyone was looking forward to a good day at this year’s event on 17 June.

The Chairman’s cup for a voluntary contribution to the village was given to Henry Gillingham, licensee of the Nag’s Head in Bunbury for his care and hospitability shown to the elderly, particularly during the rise of the fuel crisis.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for the 2023-24 session

Pam Brookfield was elected Chair, and Andrew Thomson Vice-Chair of the Parish Council for the 2023-24 session.

Ward Councillor Report

Becky Posnett was welcomed to the meeting as the new Ward Councillor for Bunbury.

Parish Councillor Reports

It was reported that the working group to look at recording trees within the village would meet on 19 May. A Tree Preservation Order map outfling all the trees with such an order in the village has been digitally uploaded onto the Parish online website. It was also agreed to set up an allotment working group to look at the land behind Tweddle Close following representations made to the Parish Council at its April meeting.

Defibrillation training has taken place to some users of the pavilion. Wider training to the pubs and public would be considered. There are currently 3 fully functioning registered defibrillators within the village. On-going costs such as the replacement of pads and batteries and outdoor storage boxes would have to be considered as part of the Council’s budget commitments.

The lack of pavements for Sadlers Wells was raised and it was agreed to raise as part of the traffic management plan in the Modified Neighbourhood Plan to help get this on board.

Planning Applications

23/1393N 4 Wakes Meadow, Bunbury

Mono pitch garage extension in line with neighbour’s additions to enable a reconfiguration internally. Mono pitch single-storey rear extension to feature skylights. 2 number dormers to front elevation to enable future plans with a loft conversion. A new bay window to the current office room to convert it into a snug lounge

Agreed – No objection.

23/1594N The Old Coach House, Bowes Gate Road, Bunbury

Change in use of land to garden, creation of new access and hardstanding area and construction of a detached car port

Agreed – No objection (land within settlement boundary)

23/1615N The Cottage, School Lane, Bunbury

Erection of a wooden oak balcony (raised platform) to the rear of the property from the existing Juliet balcony. North East facing across empty fields.

The Parish Council noted an objection from a neighbour over loss of privacy and overlooking; would a privacy panel help? It also appeared that the location of the oil tank near the back of the property would contravene building regulations.

Agreed – to ask for conditions to be put in place.

Planning Update

The Parkside planning application on Bunbury Lane and the one at the Methodist Chapel have still not made it onto a Planning Committee agenda. There appears to be some concern that Cheshire East Council is capitulating to the First Homes application on the land behind Parkside, despite this being outside the settlement boundary contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan and no justification of need provided by the applicant. The situation is being monitored as to when the next Southern Planning Committee will be after the local elections.

Installation of poles related to Fibre Broadband

A commercial company called Airband Community Internet had approached the Parish Council asking for permission to install 2 15m poles on land the Council own, around the playing fields car park and to the side of the Scout Hut. Further investigations found no particular benefit to the community and the Parish Council agreed not to grant permission to the erection of the two poles on Council owned land.

Fundraising by young people for maintenance of play area

Children had been concerned that there was not enough money to carry out repairs on equipment in the play area and had asked a Parish Councillor if they could help raise funds. A sponsored fun run around the fields for different age groups was suggested. Families had expressed a preference to have an event within the playing fields perimeter, such as a sponsored walk/run around the track. A ‘Go Fund’ page could be used for sponsors. Saturday 9 September was agreed as a provisional date for further discussion at the July meeting of the Council.

Coronation Event

The community picnic event to celebrate the King’s coronation took place on Sunday 5 May. The event had been widely publicised including social media, Tarporley Talk and Nantwich news, resulting in a good attendance on the day. The consensus was that people enjoyed the relaxed, bring your own picnic event. The Parish Council noted that they need to invest in card reading machine for future fund-raising events.

Village Day Stall

The Parish Council agreed to have a stall at village day on 17 June to raise awareness of what they do. Display boards could show footpaths and photographs, maps showing the location of defibrillators, free footpath maps would also be available and people could see the trial of the speed gun.

Speed Management

Cheshire East Council has published its speed management strategy, which includes a traffic management section and sustainable and active travel. Local areas can approach the Council to formally adopt 20mph zones and the Parish Council agreed to set up a working party to include residents to look at the possibility of 20mph for residential areas of the village. A message would be communicated seeking resident volunteers to join the Group. This issue would be included as a Parish Council action within the Modified Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 19 April 2023

Open Forum

Two residents from Wyche Lane spoke to the Parish Council, objecting to the proposed planning application for a bungalow on the land at Long Acre using the same access. They accepted that the proposal falls within the settlement boundary but pointed to the very narrow approach along Wyche Lane to the entrance. Construction traffic using the very narrow Lane and the current state of repair of the road, including a very large pothole, were also raised. A representative for the land owner also spoke to the Parish Council in support of the application pointing out this is a retirement bungalow for the current owner of Long Acre, which has been designed with local residents in mind, including a flat roof; and will generate one additional car using the driveway.

Ward Councillor Report

The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from the Ward Councillor explaining that she is not standing in the upcoming local election and thanked the Parish Council for their work, complementing the Council on its organisation.

Parish Councillor Reports

The consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan has now closed, and the Steering Group is working on updating the draft in light of the comments received. Once this is complete, the draft will be sent to Cheshire East along with the Design Guide.

The planting of a tree celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee took place on 13 April 2023; the event was advertised on social media.

An information session on the use of defibrillators will be held with user groups of the Pavilion and Village Hall. The defibrillator based at the Pavilion was used earlier in April and now needs the pads replaced. The feasibility of the defibrillator based at the Dysart Arms and the cricket club being located outside was discussed. One drawback of siting defibrillators outside is the effect of the cold on the life of the battery; heated cabinets are recommended, which come at an additional cost. The Yew Tree has also expressed an interest in having a defibrillator. It was agreed to run the awareness sessions and have further discussions about the location and cost of maintenance of defibrillators, followed by a communication to the village.

A new gate has been installed at the entrance to the playing fields. A ‘no dogs sign’ will also need to be put up on the gate.

Work has started on the development of the Oak Gardens site. The footpath has been closed with no notice; the requirement is for a 2.5m wide path on the inside of the fence that has been erected.

The heating at the Pavilion, although repaired, is still proving to be unreliable. The boiler is old, and parts are difficult to get. A new thermostat is required as is a new remotely operated time switch for the boiler. The recovery of electricity costs for the pop-up Co-op shop from two years ago is still outstanding and is being pursued.

It was reported that the shed at the Yew Tree has been broken into and cycles and tools stolen. Used vegetable oil has also been stolen from outside pubs. The police are urging residents to keep their sheds locked. The PCSO and Chair of the Parish Council are due to call on elderly residents to give advice about when not to answer the door to unwanted callers.

Planning Applications

23/0988N erection of bungalow at Long Acre

The Parish Council acknowledged the concerns of residents, particularly the narrow Lane and noise and potential road damage during construction. It was noted that there are other areas of the village where a number of dwellings share the same driveway. It was felt that Cheshire East Highways was unlikely to object to the increased traffic from one additional dwelling.

Agreed – No objection but asked for conditions during construction.

23/1393N 4 Wakes Meadow – mono pitch, garage extension

No information had been uploaded onto the website, so the Parish Council was unable to consider the application. The Clerk would write to the Head of Planning, pointing out that this was the second application that had come to the Council with no information provided on the website.

Planning Update

The Parkside planning application on Bunbury Lane and the one at the Methodist Chapel has still not made it onto a Planning Committee agenda, despite being advertised that it would go to the 5 April Committee meeting. There are no further Committee dates advertised due to the local elections in May. The situation is being monitored.

The Chair of the Parish Council reported that residents from Church Row have raised concerns that the developer at Belfry Place is planning to remove a piece of a grass verge that includes established trees. The possibility of applying for Tree Protection Orders for the trees close to the development would be looked into. This area has been identified as a Local Green Space in the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Destruction of trees at Oak Gardens

A Parish Councillor raised serious concerns about the destruction of the wildlife buffer zone that was originally included in the planning application for the development at Oak Gardens. Trees have been cut down, and others cut back to reduce the area to an informal extension to gardens. The constant change to the application over the years has led to the loss of the original 15m non-development buffer zone. The Parish Council agreed to write to the Principal Planning Officer to ask for an explanation and ask for assurances that there should be no further encroachment.

Preserving Trees in the Village

It was agreed to undertake an audit of key trees in the parish and bring back recommendations to the Parish Council.

Installation of poles related to Fibre Broadband

A commercial company called Airband Community Internet had approached the Parish Council asking for permission to install 15m poles on land the Council owned, around the playing fields, car park and to the side of the Scout Hut. The Council felt that they did not have enough information on the installation and benefits to allow the installation.

Fundraising by young people for maintenance of the play area

Children had been concerned that there was not enough money to carry out repairs on equipment in the play area and had asked a Parish Councillor if they could help raise funds. A sponsored fun run around the fields for different age groups was suggested. It was agreed to look at organising an event, publicising how much it cost to repair the equipment last year and ask for support for such an event.

Clerk’s Report

All parish councillors who had submitted a nomination form had been elected with effect from the local election day of 4 May 2023.

Coronation of the King

The community picnic with a live band to celebrate the King’s coronation has been booked for Sunday, 5 May, 2-4 pm. People to bring their own picnics but teas/coffees, and cakes would be available to purchase. The possibility of the pizza van and a bar would also be followed up. The event has been advertised through social media, and posters would be displayed around the village. Picnic boxes would be distributed to vulnerable residents unable to attend the picnic, and a minibus would bring other residents to the playing fields.

Village Day Stall

The Parish Council will consider having a stall at village day and what to display and will discuss the detail at the next meeting.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 22 March 2023

Open Forum

A member of the public presented the Parish Council with a petition of 26 signatures of people who would like to see allotments made available to residents. He referred to the draft Neighbourhood Plan with its policies of combating climate change, reducing carbon footprint and promoting community services for the village. The land at Tweddle Close, owned by the Parish Council, could be a potential site. The Parish Council agreed to put the item of allotments on a future agenda for further discussion. Management of an allotment site was raised as something that would need careful consideration.

A new candidate for the vacancy on the Parish Council introduced himself from the audience, explaining that he is currently on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and was now happy to put himself forward to serve on the Parish Council.

Two members of the public congratulated the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on the work in producing a draft for consultation. One resident suggested some tolerance of parking in the centre of the village to support the local shop and Post Office. The work on Vicarage Lane has led to this being a dangerous part of the village for pedestrians and cyclists.

Parish Councillor Reports

There are heating issues at the Pavilion. Planting of a tree as part of the Queen’s Jubilee will be planted by the end of March when the scheme comes to an end.

An information session on the use of defibrillators will be held with the carers group in the Nags Head and further demonstrations on their use held with user groups in the village hall. A further defibrillator has been located at the Cricket Club. All locations of the defibrillators will be confirmed and then advertised in the LINK. The battery for the defibrillator at the Dysart has been replaced at a cost of £138.

The gullies in the village are due to be cleaned during the Easter holidays. The dog bin by the woods has not been emptied for some time, and the one agreed to be installed by the Mill has still not materialised. The Parish Council agreed to follow up the actions. There are still issues with the slope on Footpath 16, and the landowner will be approached about the possibility of levelling it.

The Parish Council heard that Vicarage Lane will be closed for 4 weeks in April, which also co-insides with the closing of part of Long Lane.

Speed gun training has been completed by a number of Parish Councillors, and these will be used shortly around the village.

Clerk’s Report

A letter of thanks was received from the recipient of the Chairman’s Cup last year.

The Design Guide produced by the company AECOM has now been completed and sent to Cheshire East. This will come into force alongside the Modified Neighbourhood Plan when finalised and approved. All new development proposals will then have to demonstrate good quality design.

Coronation of the King

Discussion took place for a second meeting of the Parish Council about how to mark the coronation of the King. It was agreed to look to organise a community picnic on the playing fields on Sunday 5 May. People to bring their own picnics. Picnic boxes would be organised and delivered to vulnerable residents; names of residents to be identified.


It was reported that £45,000 Community Infrastructure Levy monies had been received by the Parish Council from building developments that have taken place in the village.

Local Elections and Election to the Parish Council

Existing Parish councillors and others with an interest in standing for re-election or election in May had a short briefing after the meeting, covering the process and timeline for nominations.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 8 February 2023

New Parish Councillor

The Chair welcomed a new Parish Councillor to his first meeting.

Open Forum

A member of the public advised the Parish Council that the Planning application for Parkside, Bunbury Lane, had been deferred from the Cheshire East February Planning Committee to the next meeting on 15 March. A member of the Parish Council agreed to present an objection to the application at the meeting.

Parish Councillor Reports

The Parish Council discussed how and in what format future communications of the work of the Parish Council could be delivered to the community. A village WhatsApp group was mentioned at the last meeting. The rollout and how to ‘gatekeep’ a WhatsApp group was discussed. It requires timely input to ensure information is up to date and relevant, as well as advertising events such as Village Day. All councillors should be able to feed into the Group and have basic rules of use drawn up. In addition, the Editor of The Link has agreed that the Parish Council can have a regular article included in the publication. Deadline dates for articles will be sought. 

The Bunbury sign’s poor state in the village’s centre was raised. Three double-glazed windows have been installed in the front of the Pavilion.

The replacement of some of the hedging around Brantwood in the centre of the village was raised as planning permission had included no change to the hedging surrounding the property. The Clerk reported that Cheshire East Enforcement Officer has been informed and received an acknowledgement, but no further intervention has occurred to date. This will be followed up.

The village PCSO had informed the Parish Council of an incident in Alpraham where an attempt was made to steal a car from a driveway. In addition, the Alpraham speed camera has been vandalised. A session for training members in using the speed gun has been arranged.

Planning Applications

23/0122N – The Old Coach House, Bowes Gate Road, Bunbury

Provision of a timber framed out building and associated free draining gravel hardstanding

Parish councillors commented that the plans were difficult to read as they were poorly drawn up with no scale included. This message would be sent back to the planning officer.

23/5034N – Priestland, Bunbury Common Road, Bunbury

Installation of a domestic solar array to the client’s paddock. The paddock is outside the Listed curtilage of Priestland but within the overall ownership of the boundary.

Parish Council decision: No objection, but ask that the permission is for domestic services only.

It was noted that the planning application for a store at Hope Cottage, Bunbury Lane, had been approved.

Clerk’s Report

There are local elections, including for the Parish Council, in May 2023. All members would be sent a nomination pack to rejoin. It was noted that being deemed elected, even if numbers applying, does not require a competitive election and gives members extra-legal powers.

The Pavilion

At the last meeting, a presentation was made about the potential for rebuilding the Pavilion, and it was agreed to discuss it again at the February meeting. It was noted that there was still some thinking around the use/purpose of any replacement building and its design. The Playing Fields Committee had met and expressed a wish to collaborate with other event spaces in the village, such as the village hall and scout hut and the community to propose a replacement for the Pavilion. A sub-group would undertake a scoping exercise to gather information to develop a vision and design before creating a fundraising strategy. The Scouting Association has been contacted for their views and input. 

Parking in Front of the Village Hall and Noticeboards

A parish councillor raised the issue of parking in front of the Notice Boards, which restricts the community’s view of the notices. Also, the ground in front of the Notice Boards needs to be in a better state of repair. The land had been reported to Cheshire East ‘Fix my Street’, who deemed that the area did not justify further action. A re-submission of the area will be made.

It was noted that vehicles can legally park by the Notice Boards but agreed to write to the Village Hall Committee to clarify who owns the area and whether a ‘No parking’ sign could be put up.


The Parish Council are managing two of the three defibrillators in the village and agreed to begin to manage the one located at the Dysart Arms so that all three are managed together. Training could be offered to club users as well as the in-house training that the staff at the Dysart currently receive. In addition, the purchase of signage to show where the defibrillators are located was agreed upon.

Cheshire East Council Speed Management Strategy

The Parish Council discussed the recently published Cheshire East Council Speed Management Strategy and what, as a Parish Council, could be considered improvements for local traffic management bearing in mind the recently published draft Modified Neighbourhood Plan. 6.3 of the draft Plan covers transport, including several suggested improvement schemes for consideration in collaboration with Cheshire East Council. It was agreed that a paper on detailed proposals would be brought to a future Parish Council meeting.

Building Design Code

A draft Design Guide and Code to influence the character and design of any future development aligned with the Modified Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan has been circulated to members for comments.

Coronation of the King

Alternative ways to mark the Coronation of the King were discussed, with a coronation tea for older people and a community picnic on the playing fields the most favoured proposals. 

Footpath Maps

A proposal to re-design and print a new footpath map to include neighbouring areas/villages was discussed and will be discussed in more detail at a future meeting. In the meantime, the current Bunbury footpath map would be given out at Village Day, and a supply given to Bunbury Mill.

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