Can you help save Bunbury Scout Group?

On Sunday 12 November the Remembrance Service took place at St Boniface Church. It is time for reflection and remembering the sacrifice that so many brave women and men have made for our freedom. 

It has been custom for many years that the Uniformed Groups in our village march proudly with the British Legion to show their respect and dedication to the act of Remembrance. The groups also take part in clearing the War Graves in the cemetery and place poppies on each.

This year, very sadly, there was no representation from our own Scout Group, the 25th South-West Cheshire. 

The sections of Bunbury Scout Group – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, have been run each week by volunteer leaders, people who give up a couple of hours each week to deliver exciting and interesting activities to our children. These sessions are structured, engaging and good fun and allow the children to gain many life skills, enjoy teambuilding, exercise and engage with the natural world.

I have been part of Bunbury Scout Group for over 20 years. I have enjoyed many wonderful times with adults and children within our Group, as have many other parents who have volunteered over that time. As well as volunteers running the sessions, we also have dedicated people behind the scenes who work on Administrative and Financial aspects of running the Group.

In January this year, we began to realise that the need to find and recruit new Leaders moving into September was going to be a priority. We put out requests and advertised around the Village. No interest was forthcoming, and so sadly with the stepping down of a number of Leaders over the summer, we could not run Beavers, Cubs or Scouts in September. 

This November has brought about, to my mind, what a loss to the Village and our Community not having a Scout Group is. It would be nice to think that if anyone might be interested in helping to run a Section, that the next Remembrance Sunday at St Boniface will see us once again able to play our part in acknowledging and never forgetting those who suffered and died for our country.

Andrew Fairclough, Group Scout Leader, 25th South-West Cheshire

To find out more or volunteer your services, contact me at 07976 363 056.

Volunteer Scout Leader FAQs

Do I have to be a parent or have a child attending one of the groups?
No, as long as you’re over 18, you can help out as an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers

If I volunteer, will I be expected to run sessions by myself
No, we still have a handful of leaders, with a great deal of experience, who will work with you 

What’s in it for me?
Volunteering can be a brilliant way to boost your mental wellbeing. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re helping young people get skills for life, and you might even learn a lot about yourself along the way. Scouts can make you feel good in other ways too, including making friends, trying new things and challenging yourself, getting outdoors, positively impacting your community, making memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

What if I can only help occasionally?
That’s OK. Whether you’d like to be an activity planner, tea-maker or craft creator, we appreciate any time you can spare.

Is Scouting just for boys?
No, Scouts is the largest mixed youth organisation in the UK. Individuals of all genders are encouraged to join.

What are the age groups of the individual sections?
Beavers are 6–8 years, Cubs are 8-10½ years and Scouts are 10½–14 years

How do I find out more?
Call Andrew Fairclough, Group Scout Leader, 25th South-West Cheshire on 07976 363 056