Is this your monkey tree?

Walking in the wood recently we noticed a monkey-puzzle tree had been planted near the field-fence close to the pond.

Unfortunately, this is not a native tree and we plan to have only native trees in the community woodland, as these support so much more bio-diversity in the UK, where for example oak trees are known to have at least 2300 associated species, not including all the fungi, bacteria and other micr-organisms also associated with oaks.

Further although the tree is small at present the rough area between the pond and the field is not planned to have any trees growing as the pond needs some sunlight to allow it to stay healthy as a wildlife pond, this area is therefore planned to be a “Forest glade” area, hopefully with lots of wildflowers as they gradually establish themselves.

We therefore plan to take out the Monkey Puzzle tree in 3 months time.

So if it is yours perhaps you would like to take it out and find another home for it?

Alternatively if it is not claimed in this time frame and you would like to have it then please contact one of the trustees.

Saddlers Wells Woods Committee