Parish Council

Vacancy for a Councillor

There is a vacancy for a Councillor for the Parish of Bunbury. An election to fill the vacancy will be held if ten electors for the said Electoral area give notice to the Returning Officer requesting such an election within 14 days (excluding Saturdays Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a Bank Holiday) of the date of this notice. The address of the Returning Officer is: The Returning Officer, Cheshire East Council, Westfields. Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ.


PLEASE NOTE: If an election is called, in accordance with the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the 2020 Regulations, Regulation 6 provides that an election to fill a casual vacancy that would have taken place in the period 16 March 2020 to 5 May 2021 (inclusive) will now take place on 6 May 2021.

Date of notice: 22 October 2020
Marilyn Houston
Clerk to the Council

For further advice on procedure please call the Elections Office at Cheshire East Council
01270 685922

Planning White Paper

Bunbury Parish Council is submitting a response, for a copy please email


These are the official web pages for Bunbury Parish Council. Please click on the drop down menu above to view information on Parish Council meetings, minutes etc.

Contact the Parish Council

If you wish to contact the Council please email the Parish Council Clerk, Marilyn Houston, at or write to her at:

The Parish Clerk
Marilyn Houston
8 Brooklyn St

We prefer written communications so that a record is kept of all interactions, you can of course speak to a Councillor if you see them in the village.

There is an open forum at the start of each Parish Council meeting for members of the public to raise any issues or feedback any information about the village.

Parish council members

The Parish Council consists of 10 members, the councillors are:

Cllr. Mark Ireland-Jones – Acting Chair and Website
Cllr. Ron Pulford
Cllr. Nick Parker – Playing Fields
Cllr. Pam Brookfield – Police liaison and Footpaths
Cllr. Leila Potter – PR and Communications
Cllr. Graham Griffith
Cllr. Mike Thomas
Cllr. Tony Greco
Cllr. Graham Melia

Bunbury ward councillor

Our ward councillor is Cllr. Sarah Pochin who sits on Cheshire East Council.

Parish Council Vacancies

There is currently one vacancy, please write to Marilyn Houston, Bunbury Parish Clerk:
Tel: 07983405971
8 Brooklyn Street, Crewe, CW2 7JG

The Chairman’s Trophy

The Chairman’s Trophy is presented each year to a person or group who has made a significant contribution to village life.

The inscription reads: The Chairman’s Cup Presented to Bunbury Parish Council by Mr and Mrs J.D. France, 1974.

1974-75R. Clarke
1975-76A. Smith
1976-77The Post Office
1978-79B. McTaggert
1979-80R. Clarke
1980-81No presentation
1981-82R. Jones
1982-83No presentation
1983-84Mrs B. Spencer-Jones
1984-85Mrs N. Smith
1985-86J.D. France
1987-88Mr F. Chesters
1988-89Mr K. Skipworth
1989-90Mrs N. Stockton
1990-91Mrs M. Rodwell
1991-92K.C. Cheers
1992-93L.N Butler
1993-94Playground Committee
1994-95J. Williams
1995-96Dr. P. Aston
1996-97W.W. Williamson
1997-98K.S. Rogers & N. Boaz
1998-99Miss P. Churton
1999-2000P. Camber
2000-01Mrs E. Williams
2001-02Millennium Window Committee
2002-03Mrs W. Bond
2004-05Wednesday Club Committee
2005-06Mrs J. Cowap
2006-07J.E. Elsworth
2007-08Helen Martyn
2008-09Sandra Dykes
2009-10Margaret Bourne
2010-11John Faulkner
2011-12Wendy Slack
2012-13Philip Mayers & David Mayers
2013-14Andrew Thomson
2014-15Beth Hayward & The New Playground Team
2015-16Andy Fulbrook
2016-17Kevin Baker, Tilly's Coffee Shop
2017-18Amanda Harris, Group Scout Leader
2018-19No presentation
2019-20Fiona Parker
Chairman's Cup