Neighbourhood Review Group

Agenda and minutes 2023 Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 7 pm Monday 9th January 2023 Nags Head Agenda Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 9th January 2023 The Nags Head. Minutes. 1. Apologies – Jane and Mike 2. Consultation Strategy – there was some discussion about what we are going to present to the community and how we … Read more

Parish Council Notes

Parish Council Notes Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 19 April 2023 Open Forum Two residents from Wyche Lane spoke to the Parish Council, objecting to the proposed planning application for a bungalow on the land at Long Acre using the same access. They accepted that the proposal falls within the settlement boundary but pointed to … Read more

Developments in the village:

What happened in the field next to Oak Gardens and why it matters Why was a protected woodland damaged and its associated buffer zone removed despite clear guidance from Cheshire East Officers to protect it, the HMI who noted the same, the Parish Council who sought respect for the Neighbourhood Plan, and numerous residents who … Read more