Neighbourhood Review Group

Agenda and minutes 2023 Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 7 pm Monday 9th January 2023 Nags Head Agenda Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 9th January 2023 The Nags Head. Minutes. 1. Apologies – Jane and Mike 2. Consultation Strategy – there was some discussion about what we are going to present to the community and how we … Read more

Parish Council Notes

Parish Council Notes Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 12 July 2023 Open Forum A resident gave a verbal report on the recent Southern Planning Committee decision to refuse the latest planning application at Parkside, Bunbury Lane, thanking the Vice Chair of the Parish Council and the Ward Councillor for making presentations at the meeting. The meeting … Read more

Developments in the village:

Developers refused the application on the Parkside site yet again: For the third time in 7 years, an application (22/4203N) has been refused. This was an unusual application that was supported by the Planning Officers and therefore significantly raised the stakes. The unusual nature of the application was that it was presented as an ‘exceptional … Read more