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February 24, 2022 – Self-Care Champions and Self Care Awards 

Nantwich and Rural Care Community are working together with the local NHS in Cheshire to offer people the opportunity to get involved with the self care agenda. Operationally health services continue to be under a great deal of pressure and preventing people becoming ill and needing medical interventions is one way to alleviate this pressure as well as supporting our communities to best understand what services are available to them.

Providing information and support to employees at an early stage can help prevent the escalation of a condition.  Just as important, is that staff feel well supported and valued.

Organisations, schools, community groups, volunteers and individuals can all reap the rewards of a healthier workforce so we are reaching out to local communities to help us achieve a wider scope in our engagement and spread the benefits of Self Care.

Self Care Champions
Self Care Champions are people in our communities across Cheshire who can help to deliver important self care messages to our local population. Self Care Champions can take the information we give to them into their own organisations and work with people around them to teach them about self care and how it can play an important part in the way people look after themselves and their health.

To become a Self Care Champion is really easy and we have an engaging workshop to deliver which shares lots of self care messaging and ways to access help with healthcare across our region. The aim of the workshop is to provide you with the most up to date messaging around how people can use self care and how they can make the right decision on the most suitable services to use when it comes to healthcare. This can be delivered via MS Teams and you will be given all of the resources to take away and share within the roles that you have in our community.

For volunteers and groups within our communities, the option to share your knowledge on self care and signpost people to the services available will make a big difference to the NHS and the local area. It will put you in a position to be more confident in your role and really make every contact count. 

For anyone working within a local organisation or business, being a self care champion means that you can share information with your colleagues and staff so that they are aware of self care and wellbeing and can progress this into positive behaviour change.

Self Care Awards
In addition to being a Self Care Champion, we run the Self Care Awards program which offers the opportunity to achieve a Bronze, Silver and Gold award in Self Care for your organisation from the NHS. This is a good opportunity to get people and staff involved in a fun, engaging, collaborative and informative program to ensure self care is embedded within each organisation’s behaviours.

How to get involved
If you and any colleagues are interested in taking part in the Self Care Champion training then we are running a serious of workshops via MS Teams which you can sign up for by clicking here

Following the training if your organisation would like to get involved in the Self Care Awards program or have any queries then please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Leanne Hill at

We also have a Self Care Awards pack that we are happy to post out to you containing all of the information you need to be involved.